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Beauty Buzz's Make Up Palette

This is the perfect make-up palette for your needs. Specially made out of stainless steel, the palette is able to help your produtcs be kept cooler even at room temperature. Come see the benefits of having a buzz beauty make up stainless steel palette.


Beauty Buzz Make Up Palette

01 Keep your skin care fresh

The temperature of the palette is able to help your make up & skin care products mantained at a cooler than room temperature area.


Maintain the moisture 

Maintaining the moisture of the product is our palette's specialty. This is vital if you would also want to have your vitamins within the skincare at the optimal working texture to keep your skin supple & soft.

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Maintain Consistency

It is no secret that the key to a flawless foundation is 

to etc. etc.


Natural Ingredients

We make sure that our palette is completely made from pure stainless steel & is non-toxic.

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Working at home
“The Palette was very well constructed and when using it, it made my skincare & foundations last even longer, ensuring that I can apply it evenly.”

Jannie Young, Satisfied Customer 

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