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Skin Restore Plus is an intensive repairing cream that minimises and softens any possible irritating reaction on the skin, while helping to restore the hydrolipidic layer to defend against future aggressions. Ideal for damaged skins.


This product is suitable for dry skin, moisturising & sensitive skins. It can be used as a day cream or night cream.


The main actives are:

- Symcalmin: it is a compound that comes from oats, specifically formed by their most active part, the avenanthramides. It possesses an anti-irritant action, reducing visible reddening 30 minutes after use. It also has a calming action, since it quickly relieves the feeling of stinging and reddening of the skin, and an antioxidant activity. In in vitro studies results were obtained showing a reduction of 50% of free radicals.


- SLM - Skin Lipid Matrix (latest generation)  Skin Lipid Matrix (SLM) is the new generation or skin renewal ingredients. For many years, the conventional emulsions have been the centre of skin care products. However, the classical emulsifiers necessary in these formulations could cause cutaneous irritations. The stratum corneum, the corneal layer of the epidermis, is made up of two parts, the corneocytes and the lipidic matrix. An interruption of the lipidic layer, or the simple lack of lipids on the skin, may create a deficiency of humidity and dryness of the skin. SLM is the solution for this inconvenience.


It comprises lipids identical to those of the skin that can regenerate and rebuild the cutaneous barrier, so that SLM acts as an excellent regenerator of the skin to provide it with new lipids. SLM anticipates the interruption of the lipidic layer, the lack of lipids of the skin, and the deficiency of humidity and of dry skin.


- Squalane: squalane is an odourless lipid that recreates a hydrolipidic film with beneficial effects on the wholeness and the function of protective barrier of the skin. It has a nutritive and restorative function that ensures the maintenance of the integrity and cutaneous protection leaving the skin very smooth, silky and without an oily sensation.


- Vitamin E: a much-used vitamin in cosmetics due to its ant-free radical properties and antioxidants. For its capacity to retain water, it is a very moisturising molecule. It also maintains the integrity of the conjunctive tissue, protecting the collagen and elastin from degenerative damage. It optimises the use of oxygen in the tissues, so that the cellular functioning improves.

Bruno Vassari Skin Restore Plus

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