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Bruno Vassari Lab Hyaluronic Oil


Premium hyaluronic acid oil (Primahyal™ Gold), light texture, maintains the skin's water-oil balance, intense moisturising and anti-ageing. It effectively enhances skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin healing, giving a silky, delicate touch.


Benefits of Facial Oil with Hyaluronic Acid

Facial oil that improves the elasticity and natural moisturisation of the skin giving it a firm appearance and smoothing out wrinkles. It also provides nutrition to the skin leaving it elastic and bright.


Oil-soluble hyaluronic acid can reach the bottom of the skin,

stregthen the natural moiturising factor (N.M.F.) and its production, maintain the skin's water-oil balance, super moisturing and lock-in water, increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles, and it can also resist inflammation and promote wound healing. The texture is light, fine and not greasy. After use, the skin has a silky touch or feeling, smooth and delicate. 


Ingredient: Contains the trademarked "Primal Gold" active ingredients, simply oil-soluble hyaluronic acid

(PrimalhyalTM Gold), organic jojoba oil and synthetic silk oil



Bruno Vassari Hyaluronic Oil

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