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Beauty Buzz Tools Signature Full Makeup Brush Set  - the highest-performing brushes handcrafted by Taiwanese artisans and designed by makeup professional, Carina T.


From the beginner-friendly base makeup brushes to professional U-shaped contour brushes and precision eye brushes, this full makeup brush set is all you will ever need.

Comes with a sleek makeup brush pouch.

Beauty Buzz Tools Signature Full Makeup Brush Set

  • Brush Set Includes

    Base Tasker

    Finishing Brush

    Cheek Angled Brush

    U Contour Brush

    Flat Fan Tasker

    Base Pro Eyeshadow Brush

    Blending Eyeshadow Brush

    Small Pro Eyeshadow Brush

    Angled Eyebrow Brush

    Precise Eyeliner Brush

  • Base Tasker

    This ultra plush brush with its tightly-packed bristles provides smooth coverage for a flawless foundation application.

    With its densely packed soft bristles, it provides a light and flawless buildable coverage. To create a perfect, easy “no makeup” look, just gently dab & sweep, it blurs out visible pores and cover all imperfections.

  • Finishing Brush

    This soft-bristled brush buffs out powder effortlessly for an even finished base.

    Get your flawless light setting powder look with this specially designed tear-drop shaped brush. Helps you to set your makeup evenly without heavy clumps on your skin.

  • Cheek Angled Brush

    A wide-angled high performance brush for expert application of blushers on your cheeks.

    The specially angled shape is designed for easy application to sculpt and define your cheekbones and facial features. The fluffy and soft, yet densely packed bristles give off a natural wash of soft color glow.

  • U Contour Brush

    A specially designed U-shaped brush for easy application of your bronzing and contouring of your cheekbones, nose and jawline.

    The unique U shaped silhouette perfectly fit to the facial contours, placing the products right where you want to apply your contour and highlighter. It adjust perfectly to any face shape a perfect tool for applying your contour and highlighter.

  • Flat Fan Tasker

    A fan-shaped brush to diffuse pigments and powders, highlighting your features delicately.

    This fan-shaped brush is a versatile brush to use for easy application of highlighter, blush, bronzer or powder. It diffuses product effortlessly for a precise strobe effect.

  • Base Pro Eyeshadow Brush

    A perfect-sized brush for easy application of base and midtone eyeshadow colour.

    A classic medium sized shader for applying base eyeshadow color evenly from the lash line to the crease area. The dense, wide brush head blends the shadows seamlessly while giving off a glow natural finishing.

  • Blending Eyeshadow Brush

    A dome-shaped brush for creating eye gradients and blending with exceptionally soft bristles for a controlled application.

    An incredibly soft professional crease and contouring eyeshadow brush perfect for blending eyeshadow on the crease area adding dimension and gradient to your eye makeup.

  • Small Pro Eyeshadow Brush

    A tapered brush for easy and well-defined application, creating a precise point shadow on your eyelids.

    Made of soft natural bristles hair, this brush is ideal for detailed shading of eyeshadow. Using this dense dome-shaped brush to buff colour across your lids will give you a well blended defined yet natural shape.

  • Angled Eyebrow Brush

    A pro angled eyebrow brush with firm bristles to fill in brows and apply shadows to eyeliner and lower lash line.

    Sharp slanted bristles help with easy drawing and filling up your eyebrow. It is also a versatile brush that can be used for liners.

  • Precise Eyeliner Brush

    A precision eyeliner brush to achieve a perfect eyeliner look in seconds.

    The micro-sized tip brush designed for easy application of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Its firm sturdy hairs allos precise crafting and can be used with gel, cream, liquid or powder eye makeup product.

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